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We at KUN Ventures analyze and optimize your Etsy shop from all angles to ensure that we get you the best Etsy PPC service and results. Our Etsy marketing services efforts make up a large part of your visibility and success on Etsy through Ads and Etsy SEO services. We also strengthen every aspect of your Etsy presence, including your shop, each product page, titles, tags, images, and much more. We employ Etsy experts for your business’s success online, from SEO pros to skilled copywriters, technical experts, and Etsy SEO consultants.

Etsy Marketing Services


Selling a product on Etsy depends on how well you are proficient to depict your product, listing, and all important details. Boost your rankings on Etsy search engine to increase sales and profit through Etsy marketing services and Etsy SEO services by KUN Ventures.

Whether you have been on Etsy for 10 year or 10 minutes, if you’re not reaching your sales goals, KUN Ventures is here to help you with SEO services for Etsy store. We are one of the leading Etsy SEO service providers. Our dedicated team of Etsy experts consists of technical wizards and Etsy SEO experts who provide Etsy marketing services that help.

Keywords Research

This is a part of SEO for Etsy. Handpicked carefully selected keywords using qualified tools specializing in Etsy keywords searches, Google search.

Etsy Product Title

Title optimized within accurate length with relevant and targeted keywords.

Etsy Product Tags

Tags written within specified length to optimize search results for the product.

Etsy Product Description

Engaging and accurate descriptions optimized with targeted keywords. We write each product description with an engaging story and all features elaborated in detail.

Etsy Shop Optimization

Every section of your Etsy store is optimized with keywords and compelling text including:

  • About Page
  • Announcements
  • Banner
  • FAQs
  • Shop
  • Policies

Etsy SEO Services and Store Optimization


If your aim for your Etsy shop is high, hiring the expert SEO services for Etsy store SEO such as KUN Ventures can eliminate the need for a learning curve and have your store benefiting from having advanced SEO on your Etsy listings, giving you more exposure in no time.

We are one of the leading Etsy SEO service provider. Our committed team comprises of technical wizards and web marketing experts who provide Etsy marketing services that help.

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